Going Organic On Earth Day

Posted by Jennifer Heigl

Organics, sustainability, ‘locovores’, oh my! In honor of today’s Earth Day celebrations, I’ve compiled a small pile of newsbits with a green focus. Remember – you don’t have to think about sustainability just one day a year. Reduce, reuse, recycle every day! Be cognizant of your carbon footprint, from your car to your lunch! Encourage your favorite restaurants to utilize locally produced, organic food stuffs. Build a composter in your own backyard! The environmental-friendly possibilities are endless. Happy Earth Day!

Today’s Los Angeles Times has a great article on ‘tackling the ethics of eating’. From buying local to producing food in your own backyard, you can incorporate sustainability with every meal. Love that steak dinner? According to author Mark Bittman, “Eating a typical family-of-four steak dinner is the rough equivalent, energy-wise, of driving around in an SUV for three hours while leaving all the lights on at home.” Ouch.

Thinking about developing your own organic garden? The Wall Street Journal’s Neal Templin takes a look at just how much money you can save by producing your own veggies at home. Especially in these tough economic times, a garden space may just the money-saver you’re looking for. Even the Obamas are doing it!

CNN also took a look at the benefits of buying your food items from local producers. Supporting regional farms and farmers by becoming a ‘locovore’ can help to reduce your family’s carbon footprint, not to mention the advantage of knowing how your food is being produced, from pesticide use to distribution.

Finally, as I’ve preached to many other restaurant and food service owners, offering a sustainable, earth-friendly business can oftentimes edge out your competitors. Nation’s Restaurant News reported on a recent study finding that 73% of consumers are purchasing ‘green’ products when making their buying choices. This includes supporting companies with sustainable business practices as well as providing recycled items, biodegradable items, and, of course, organics. Just keep your eyes open for greenwashing!

Jennifer Heigls Career Diary of a Caterer

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